What is swinging?

The term ‘swinging’ with regards to sex has evolved over time. In its purest form, swinging refers to when a committed couple agree to have sex with other people outside of their relationship. This is also called an ‘open’ relationship or marriage.

These days swinging seems to have moved on (to me, as a person fairly new to the lifestyle). Swinging now seems to be more about free and open sex. Swinging websites, parties and clubs provide opportunities for the sexually adventurous to enjoy no-strings-attached (NSA) sex, as often and as much as possible.

Swinging clubs are just sex clubs. There are single people (actually single, not just without their partner) and couples – who may or may not be in a relationship together. Swinging, for me, and most people I know, is about freedom of sexual expression. It’s about standing at a bar topless. It’s about fucking strangers behind a locked door. It’s about fucking while six people watch you. It’s about wanking on camera – for one person (via WhatsApp or Skype) or thousands (via a site like Chaturbate).

It’s a state of mind and a lifestyle, and once you have tried it, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to leave it – it is addictive. It is also unlikely you’ll be able to un-see what you have watched and done and un-feel all the good and bad emotions that arise from it.

It is not for the faint of heart. However, for me it’s like being the fish who found water after decades without it. I’m still navigating my way through the waters, and it’s a very fucking steep learning curve at times, but well worth it.