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The story so far

Hello, dear reader. If you are joining this semi-live broadcast of my sex life, I thought you might appreciate a quick overview of WTF is going on and how I got here.


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Before July 2017, I was living a comfortable, vanilla life. I had always known I was a bit submissive but was so far removed from the world of BDSM and D/s I didn’t even know there was a word for it. I just knew I had this… tendency.

michaelIn July 2017 I met Michael. Michael introduced me to the world of D/s and very quickly became my owner. I learned a lot in the short time we were together – mainly that being a sub and a pet was my true calling.


general fuckeryIn August 2017 I joined a swinging site and for the next month, had lots of sex with various people.


stewartIn September I met Stewart, who rocked my world. Stew and I went on a magical Journey of Sexual Discovery together over a four month period. Neither of us will ever be the same. Our relationship gifted us with swinging, sex clubs, threesomes, foursomes, camming, pissing, beating, and a bold attempt at D/s.

As with Michael, through Stewart I learned so much about myself. What I like and don’t like, that I am indeed sexy and a good lover. Stew finished with me in January 2018.

james bdsm daddy kittenIn late October, I met James. James was meant to be an occasional NSA fuck buddy. This was made impossible by the fact that once we met we knew we had a far deeper and more intense connection and that ‘occasional’ would never be enough. My feelings for James caused huge problems between Stew and I, and I had to stop seeing and speaking to James.

Once Stew had gone I was free to be with James. Our reunion was fiery and sweet. We very quickly realised that we not only suit a D/s relationship but a Daddy/kitten dynamic. So James is my Daddy. He gives me daily tasks which I love (such as this one and this one). He is my confidant and trusted advisor. He helps me with life, in general.

We have an intense, animal attraction and very hot, primal-driven sex. Herein lies my future, somehow.

Along the way, I have written down my Deep Thoughts about this journey, kink, etc.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I know I can never go back to a vanilla existence.

no more vanilla life


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