The intruder

I pull in the driveway and notice the lights are out – unusual. I think you must have gone out.

I unlock and open the door and as I step in and reach for the lightswitch a hand closes forcefully around my wrist. I’m pulled forward into the house. The door closes behind me.

‘Don’t move and don’t make a sound,’ the voice says, and I obey, standing still in the hallway, heart pounding.

‘Now. Do as I say. Take off your coat and your shoes,’ says the voice, and I do as I am told.

The man grabs me by the arm and begins to lead me down the hallway to the living room, but I resist. I pull away but he’s quicker than me. He grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me against the wall.

‘I told you to be quiet and do as I say,’ the voice says firmly.

The man puts his hand against my throat and pulls me forward and around so my back is to the living room.

He pushes me and I have no choice but to walk backwards into the room. He lets go of my throat.

‘Down on all fours,’ he commands.

I kneel and put my hands forward and down into the floor.

He wraps bondage tape round my eyes.

‘Head on the floor,’ he says.

I put my head down onto the carpet and he pulls first one hand and then the other behind my back and ties them tightly with rope.

He lifts my dress and pulls down my tights. Then a pause while he looks at me.

‘I’m going to fuck you now, do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ I whisper.

He kneels behind me and slides two fingers into my pussy and finds me soaking wet. He removes his fingers and I hear the rustling of clothing.

And then it’s happening, he pushes his cock into me hard, he’s fucking me almost violently. Hands wrapped round my hips, pulling me towards his body, over and over.

He stops, pulls out. I feel a finger seek out my asshole and the head of his cock quickly follows.

He’s pushing his cock into my asshole, finds resistance, pushes harder.

He’s finally in and the pain is searing as he fucks my lubeless ass.

He reaches forward, pushing my face into the floor. He continues to fuck me, and then he cums.

This provides welcome relief as he stops and his cock slides out of my asshole.

I feel the cum drip from me.

You untie my hands, unwrap my eyes and pull off my tights. I roll onto my side. You turn a light on and lie down next to me.

‘You ok?’ You ask.

‘Yes, that was so hot!’ I say.

We laugh and lie on the floor, holding each other, kissing and laughing.

‘Let’s go have a shower, and then I will start cooking,’ I say.

We make our way upstairs, hand in hand.

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