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The artful doggers

Due to our circumstances, James and I often find ourselves fucking in the (surprisingly spacious) back seat of his car.

This inadvertent dogging is both hot and cold, given the season. We have become quite adept at finding the right positions, hiding from headlights and ensuring one or both of my feet are not in the air as unsuspecting passersby pass by.

It is part of our ritual. We meet at a pub. I get out of my car and walk over to his. He gets out of his car and we stand together, lips just touching in an almost-kiss, fingers entwined.

Then, bold as brass tacks, I walk round to the passenger side of the car and get in the back, and he follows suit from the other side.

It is a rule of our relationship that the first thing I must do is give him head.

James releases his thick cock from trousers and pants and I kneel in the footwell.

‘Be a good girl and suck Daddy’s cock,’ he says in his low, firm voice. I am instantly wet.

I take his cock in my mouth and suck him off, following his perfect instructions. Sucking his head, then deep throating his cock. I push the tip of my tongue into the space just at the base of his head.

I hear the sound of voices and footsteps from a group of people passing the car but I don’t miss a stroke.

As he gets close to cumming, he begins to wank while I suck hard on the head of his cock. First slowly, then faster and harder before he cums into my mouth and I swallow.

I sit back on my heels and put my head on his knee, panting from intense arousal. The clean scent of his cum mixes with the smell of leather from his coat.

I move back onto the car seat next to James and we kiss as headlights flash across our faces.

We’ve begun to explore a new aspect of our D/s relationship: primal hunter and prey play. For now, this involves a bit of resistance on my part countered with a firm reaction from James.

I push my head against James’s and he pushes back. I put my hand on his shoulder and push. This is met by a quick and firm response – he puts both hands on my shoulders and forces me against the passenger side door. He pushes my hands up and back against the glass and I push back.

‘You are going nowhere,’ he says calmly.

He holds both hands tightly with one hand. I try to resist but he is too strong for me. We kiss aggressively, hungrily, teeth biting lips.

‘Daddy,’ I say.


‘Can I whisper in your ear?’ I ask. He leans in to me, putting his ear to my lips.

‘Daddy, I need violent fucking.’

He reaches under my dress and pulls my tights down to my knees. My pussy is so wet. James rubs my clit and then slides two fingers inside me and finger fucks me hard.

This merely grazes the edge of my need for his cock, but given we are in this unusually busy car park there is no hope for anything more.

I pull his hand from my pussy, lick his fingers clean and dry them on my flower-print dress.

It’s time to go home. I know we will see each other again in just a few days’ time, when we will have a lengthy primal + fucking session but our need for each other is intense, and this feels like ages away.

We work in reverse, each getting out of the car. We meet next to the driver’s side door and brush our lips across each others’.

And then we part, until the next time.

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