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I have always loved anal sex. However, before Stew it was a rare occurrence, as most partners found it a bit dirty, or a bit too naughty, or even a bit too good to enjoy too often.

Stew and I both love everything about anal sex and anal play. Having my ass fucked hard is a very regular activity, and not even one we discuss. Stewart lubes me up and fucks me as and when – whenever.

Anal sex and ass play is such a precious part of what we do together that we have agreed not to do it with anyone else. No rimming, no ass fucking and above all, no fisting.

Fisting is the gold standard of ass play for us. Stewart and I are incredibly passionate about each other. Neither of us has ever had such a willing, experimental, open and indulgent sexual partner. We love each other deeply. As such, sometimes just fucking, even ass fucking, isn’t enough. I actually want to be inside Stew, and he in me (beyond the obvious methods). Our connection is intense.

We explore this need through fisting. Before I met Stewart I’d never tried fisting – either giving or receiving. I was a bit scared of the idea, with my thoughts being more along the lines of ‘golly that’s a big thing to be stuffing up there…’

Over the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with fisting. Or, perhaps it’s more apt to say, fisting training.

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Stew lying face down with his ass in the air to me is the ultimate in trust. He is inviting me to literally climb inside him.

I start with gentle rimming. flicking my tongue across his asshole and pushing it inside. Stewart moans with pleasure and I continue to kiss and lick and show my pure adoration for this part of his body.

I drizzle lube over his asshole and warm some between my hands. I trace a light circle round his anus before carefully and slowly pushing my index finger inside him. So warm inside; my movement is intuitive. I slowly fuck Stew’s ass with one finger, then pull out and slide two in, pushing to the hilt.

We breathe together. Stew begins to rock back onto my hand. I slide a third finger inside him. So tight and hot. A slow, luxurious ass fuck.

I take my fingers out to re-lube. I make a pyramid with my four fingers and thumb and begin to slowly work this inside of Stewart. Pushing, so slowly.

‘Take a deep breath,’ I whisper and as he does this I push in. My hand is in to the knuckles, fingers held tight together by Stew’s contracting sphincter muscles. We rock together this way for a short time, and then it becomes too much.

This is a primal connection. A connection most people will never have. ‘A magnitude of trust,’ Stewart said about this act, and he’s right. Being inside him like this is unlike anything I have ever experienced with anyone.

After I’ve (nearly) fisted Stewart, he repays the gift, lubing up my pussy and slowly sliding one, two, three, four fingers into me. It is an incredible feeling.

More a ritual than a sexual act, fisting bonds us like nothing else we do.

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