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Stew and I went to a sex club three times. Between us, we had six wholly different experiences. All, for me, were hugely emotional and difficult. It’s taken a long time to process these experiences in order to write about them, but I feel it’s important as others will experience the same things.

Our first club adventure was with another couple. Stewart had been speaking to Joe and Tina via a swinging website for about a month. We arranged to meet them at a pub not far from the club.

Tina and Joe are an attractive couple, about the same age as us (50ish). Long-term swingers, they tell us about their past experiences in clubs.  I am socially awkward at the best of times. I find it hard to engage in conversation with these new people I know nothing about. I don’t connect with them, and though she was gorgeous, I don’t find him attractive.

We have a few drinks at the pub and then we are to follow them to the club. This is made difficult by the fact that the route to the club is down twisting, unlit roads, and Joe drives nearly too fast to keep up with. As I drive the panic in my chest began to rise. I am fighting tears, white knuckling the steering wheel. I do not want to do this. At. All.

Stew keeps asking me if I am OK and I keep saying I will be fine. I feel, as with many things I do with Stewart that involve other people, that I have to do this, have to push through the anxiety. I have to do it because it would be somehow character building. I will overcome something and learn something about myself, right? I also feel I have to do it because I promised Stew that I would do it. And I love Stew very much, and want him to be happy.

However, I know that I am going to end up fucking Joe. And I don’t want to fuck Joe. And I don’t have the emotional tools to handle this.

By the time we get to the club, which is housed inside a suitably seedy 1970s industrial building, I am terrified. Joe and Tina are waiting outside for us and then lead us through a rabbit warren of stairwells, doors and damp corridors. Eventually, we find ourselves inside the club, where we are given a tour of the various rooms – some lockable, some with voyeur windows. There is a dungeon area, a sex swing room and a large group sex room.

There is a lounge area with sofas and a bar. It is a quiet night, with about 20 people in the club – a few couples, a handful of older women in lingerie, and a lot of single men. I am like a rabbit in the headlights. I am wholly out of my depth.

Tina and I have both brought a change of clothes so we go to a locker area and change, me into a velvet top and shorts and Tina into a rubber dress. She is very kind to me as she can see I am nervous.

We go back to the bar. Tina and Joe sit at the bar on penis-shaped bar stools. Stew holds me tight, tells me everything will be OK.

I decide to bite the bullet, or break the ice, or something, and so walk over to Tina and kiss her. She is warm and responsive and our tongues play and it’s hot – and calms me. I throw myself into the moment.

Tina is a beautiful woman. I wouldn’t normally go for a ‘typically’ beautiful woman – one pretty by society’s standards. However, Tina is one of these – thin, but with big tits, curvy hips, blonde hair, tanned. And she fancied me. Me. She fancied ME.

She puts her hands on my tits, says, ‘Jesus Christ! I need to see these tits.’ I take my top off. I am standing at the bar in a sex club and I am topless. This makes me dizzy with new found confidence. She begins to kiss and suck my nipples. We all agree it’s time to get a room.

The four of us go into a private room and lock the door. The bed is huge and is made up with a soft jersey sheet. We all strip and get onto the bed.

I am all about the Tina. We kiss and touch and play with each other’s tits. This is the hottest experience I have ever had with a woman. I go down on her. Tina’s pussy is like a beautiful, pink shell. I have never really licked another woman and I am delighted by how much I enjoy it. I caress her clit gently with my tongue and slide two fingers inside her. She moans and this makes me feel like a genius. I have no idea what to do next so I stop and go back to kissing her.

I am trying to put off the inevitable, that I am going to have to fuck her husband, and I really, really don’t want to do this.

Tina fingers me and I fake an orgasm – too distracted to cum for real.

Stewart joins in and we form a Tina sandwich, all kissing each other in turn, mouths on mouths on tits, eyelids, faces, necks.

And then it’s time. I have to hand over Tina to Stew. I reach over to Joe and we kiss. I go through the motions. He is fit but sweaty. He has a hairy back that has been shaved some time in the last few weeks so that now the hairs are wiry and prickly. I suck his cock. He condoms up and fucks me.

It is dark in the room and this is good because it means I can just focus on Joe and I can’t really see what Stew and Tina are doing.

Joe stands up, takes off the condom and wanks, cumming on my tits. I make appropriate ‘that’s so hot!’ noises.

Tina and Stew are still at whatever they are at. Joe and I are now third and fourth wheels on a sex club bicycle. After a few minutes of general clean up, we dress and leave them to it, heading back out to the lounge area.

We make idle chatter. We talk about his job and I make suitable, ‘that’s so interesting!’ noises.

Time passes.

Time passes.

Time passes.

Time passes, so much so that Joe starts talking about how we should find another room and fuck again. (‘Oh Christ! I think. Mental facepalm.) Fortunately, at this point, Tina and Stewart come back into the lounge and join us. More idle chatter. By this time it is after 1.00am and we still have an hour drive back to our hotel.

We say our goodnights and made our way back out through the corridors, stairwells, etc. to the car. Driving back I tell Stew I am glad I’d had the experience but I didn’t want to do it again.

By the next morning I can’t wait to do it again.


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