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Pete was a gift to me from Stewart. Well, he was an experimental proposition as Stew was keen to test his desire to suck a cock and Pete is bisexual, and it was decided I might like another man to fuck. Stewart is generous like that.

Pete came with (literally) big promise. His pictures and videos showed a substantial cock – he had to wank with two hands! And his face picture was nice.

When he arrived at our hotel room, he was about a foot and a half shorter than expected. This did not bode well. He also had crazy hair. And went on about how he had limited time due to parking restrictions.

He took his shoes off and jumped onto the bed and sat cross legged, a bit like as if he had just arrived at our uni dorm room and was settling in for a bit of gossip. I moved over to sit opposite him and began to kiss him, just to get the show on the road.

This was his cue to get undressed, so both Stewart and I did also. Pete’s cock was not the cock in the pictures! It was a reasonable size, but not the monster we’d been expecting. And according to Stewart, it was ‘odd’ (which has forever branded Pete as Odd Cock).

We had some general foreplay. He and Stewart sucked each other’s cocks. I sucked them both, too. Pete went down on me to no great effect.

And then he fucked me.
And fucked me.
And fucked me.
And continued to fuck me.
Time passed.
Still fucking.

40 minutes in, he’s drenched in sweat and I’ve had enough. He takes a break, asks for a towel. I feel like I’ve been battered.

So as to avoid rupturing any internal organs, I ask him to cum on my tits. He straddles me and wanks. He cums on my belly and then proceeds to wipe the cum on my tits. In a way that suggests he finds his own cum a bit unpleasant. Sexy this was not.

After this, Pete took a shower. As he was getting dressed, he explained to us that his trainers had been custom made for him. And then started to go on about the parking again.

So, that was Pete. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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