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When I met Michael, I was a sex-dry desert. We met on Twitter. We connected over dogs – we both like a particular breed. We started to send private messages, all very innocent. Then I saw a picture of Michael and was actually taken aback by how beautiful he was, which I told him. Then I started flirting, as I do. I can’t actually remember how we got on the subject of D/s relationships. I said that I loved the film Secretary, and that I had always loved the idea of being owned, like a pet.

I had no idea that this was a thing. A person can be owned by another person. Michael told me about the Slave Register. As it happens, he always wanted to be an owner, a master. So I registered to be his slave, number 328-466-769. Within days we had gone from Twitter mates to slave and master. This was a huge rush, and I felt like I was breathing again for the first time after years of near suffocation.

Michael had extreme ideas about how the slave and master dynamic should work. He felt that it is the ‘natural order of things’, that women should defer to men (as it happens I agree. Don’t tell anyone.) He had a great interest in Gorean subculture, an extreme version of the slave/master scenario. This was a bit over the top for me but I was willing to explore this new world for the sake of experience.

Michael lives some distance from me, so seeing him was a bit tricky. Still, I managed to get away for a weekend to meet him. Many significant things happened over the course of our time together. First and foremost, we fucked. This being the first break in my involuntary sexual fast in years, it seemed like The Best Sex In The World Ever (in truth it was a bit meh, but after zero sex for so long, it was epic!).

Secondly, there were a lot of life-as-a-submissive things that took place that confirmed my desire to be this. Michael ordered my food and drinks wherever we went. He decided where we were going. He told me where to sit when we were out. He asked me to cook for him, make cups of tea. I cleaned his flat – this somehow was the piece de resistance. This ‘service’ to him was humbling and wonderful.

For reasons unimportant to the telling of the tale, things didn’t work out with Michael*. However I will always be grateful for what he did for me. I will never not be owned, I will always need to be in some kind of D/s relationship. I have gone on to have incredible sex with his successors.

Bless you, Michael. I will never, ever forget you.

* Michael agreed to disown me and I went on to be owned by Stewart. Stewart didn’t disown me but he did default on our D/s relationship, so now I am owned by James. However, Stewart technically has formal ownership as the Registry will always list him as my owner.

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