disabled wheelchair sex


The first person I fucked from Swinging Heaven was Martin. Martin broke his back in a work accident many years ago and is a wheelchair user. This is clearly stated on his profile. He came up in my results because he does not live too far from me. As my world revolves around disability, the fact that he was disabled did not bother me. I cannot bear the idea of people being lonely. I also cannot bear the idea of anyone going without physical touch. It felt like my duty as a human being to spend time with this man.

His profile said he was 54. His pictures made him look fit but incapacitated, with a reasonable sized cock. And he was just down the road.

I had a very strange conversation with Martin via SH. It was as though we were arranging for me to come and service his boiler and not his cock. We set a date and time. He asked if it was ok if he was naked when I turned up, which I said was fine.

The day before I had a minor flipout. What the fuck was I doing? I was about to go to some strange man’s house for sex. I got myself in a panicky spin over: what if he is not disabled but this is just a ruse? What if there are five men in the house and something scary happens (OK so this was a slight turn on but I quickly came to my senses)? What if what if what if what if???

I sent Martin an honest message about these worries. He said that he’d lived in his house all his life and that his neighbours would be home next door. It occurred to me that a naked man in a wheelchair was far more vulnerable than I was going to be.

When I arrived at Martin’s house – a lovely old country cottage – he was indeed naked, with a blanket over him. He was also about 70, not the 54 I had expected. But – still I went into the house (in for a penny…). In my usual exhibitionistic style, I took my clothes off immediately, and helped Martin into bed.

There was some general fumbling and aggressive handling of my tits. He fingered me awkwardly but somehow between his fingers and my own I came well. I climbed onto his skinny body and rode him like a horse. I can’t think the last time I rode any man and was delighted that I could still manage this, and it felt amazing.

Martin didn’t come. It was clear this was unlikely. After I’d fucked him for a while, I stopped and we lay side by side for a while, just chatting. He asked me strange questions like, ‘so, how many cocks do you want to have in your pussy?’ by which he meant how many SH lovers did I plan to have.

After I’d been there an hour I felt I’d done enough and it was time to go. Martin thanked me profusely for coming.

I’m glad I did it. But I wouldn’t do it again.

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