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My second fuck was a learning experience, and actually scary. Gethin messaged me just after I’d joined SH and was so nice. Mid-50s, company director, married with two adult kids, he was into swinging because his wife has a ‘female complaint’ and can’t have sex.

We chatted and emailed for a week before our meet. We even spoke on the phone. I knew his full name and so of course Googled him immediately and knew where he worked. He was not really my type but promised good sex and it seemed an easy way to have a great fuck.

Gethin was in my town on business and was staying at a hotel that was only 10 minutes away. The plan was that I would go there in the evening, we’d fuck, and then I’d go back in the morning after school run and fuck him again. Ideal.

I was meeting him at 7pm. At about 6 he sent me a picture of himself, taken in the hotel room’s bathroom mirror. He looked like a total cunt, so pleased with himself! But still, I had agreed to go along and a fuck was a fuck, right?

It started well. While I didn’t fancy him, he was clean and warm and good with his hands and mouth. He went down on me, I came. I sucked him off and he came on my face. He put a blindfold on me and tied me to the bed, and even this, while it should have felt unsafe, was fun. I had brought my own glass dildos and he fucked me with these, DP style. It was great.

He then untied me but left the blindfold on, and had me get on all fours. He fucked me doggy style but didn’t cum. He pulled out and got up. I could hear him rustling in bags, and then he came back to the bed. I heard him flip the top on a tube of lube and squeeze some out. I assumed I was in for more fucking with my own toys but he put something large and cold against my asshole. This sounds so stupid now but I just didn’t think anything of this. It wasn’t comfortable but I thought he just had some different toys to me and was playing. He put something bent in my cunt and rubbed my g-spot with it. This should have felt great but didn’t. Various things came out of and were put into my asshole and cunt. It was uncomfortable but I thought it would end soon enough, which it did, but not before he pushed something particularly big into my asshole. This hurt and my wincing seemed to bring this part of the evening to a close.

He took the blindfold off. We played some more but he could not get an erection back. He had been taking a lot of pictures of me, so he wanted to show me these. We lay on the bed together looking through the images – me sucking his cock, his cum on my face, etc. Then he came to the images of what he had been doing while I was blindfolded on all fours. Gethin thought it would be ‘a bit kinky’ and ‘a bit of a laugh’ to put a parsnip, and then a cucumber, up my ass. The object he’d put in my cunt to rub my g-spot was a banana. Bananas do not have smooth ends. He’d taken loads of pictures of this, to show how far he’d pushed the cucumber in (very far, as it happens).

I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. I got up to use the loo and found I was bleeding. I decided to take my leave at this point so reapplied makeup and got dressed. Gethin knew he’d put me off, and said I didn’t have to come back the next morning as we’d planned (because of course I’d planned to, not!).

I’ve thought quite a bit about how I could have prevented what happened. Here are several things I would do differently:

Discuss your limits. If you are 2-3 meets down the line with a new partner, you probably won’t need to do this. However, when you are still in very early days with someone, talk about what you like and what you don’t. Do you want to be spanked? Tied up? Fucked with vegetables? If any of these is a ‘no’ then this needs to be clear up front. (Mind you, I would never have expected to be fucked with vegetables. This is firmly on my, ‘uhhh, no’ list now.)

No pictures! A newbie, ‘I don’t want to not be nice’ error. If someone wants to take pictures of what you are doing, you may be OK with this as long as your face is not shown. But FFS don’t do what I did and let a random stranger take a pic of you with cum on your face. #idiot.

Say ‘stop’. This seems so stupid now but I was caught up in the moment and trusting. However, the second something didn’t feel OK I should have said ‘stop’.

Have an escape plan. It may be worth, on a first meet, having a trusted friend ring you about an hour in. If you are uncomfortable, take the call and act like you are receiving upsetting news, then take your leave. If all’s well, ignore the call.

Bluff it. It is not easy to find friends who you can tell your swinging secrets to, particularly if you are married. So it may be that you won’t have someone you can trust with information about your meets (eg, ‘I am meeting Gethin at the Holiday Inn on Friday at 8pm and I will be home by 10pm and I will text you when I am home.’) The men you meet don’t know this. Tell them that people know where you are and who you are with, and that all of the details you have on them (number, SH username, etc) has been shared. This should help avoid nasty surprises.

Get back on the horse. It would have been easy for me to be scared off by this experience. I’m glad that I wasn’t. I did get back on the proverbial horse and keep riding and am happier for it!

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