kitten and daddy feeding toast ritual

Feed me

It’s 7am on a Saturday morning, and it’s been snowing for a few days. Daddy has put pieces of pear and bread outside for the birds. I kneel on the floor next to the sofa, where Daddy sits, and we watch the birds hop around and enjoy the unexpected feast.

I am made up like a goth princess and wear a matching lacy grey and black bra and suspenders set. Daddy helped me put on my fishnet stockings, clipping the suspenders which I find hard to do myself.

Daddy has made toast. Butter and blackcurrant jam for him and peanut butter for me. My toast has been cut into small triangles.

‘Wait for me to eat first,’ he tells me. I’m hungry but do as I’m told. He eats half a slice of his toast while watching my reaction.

‘Ready?’ He asks. I nod yes vigorously, trying not to laugh.

Daddy holds a triangle of peanut butter toast to my mouth and I carefully bite it in half, chew and swallow, and follow suit with the other half.

He feeds me a few more triangles and then makes me wait again while he eats his toast.

‘Would you like some of Daddy’s toast?’ he asks.

‘Yes, please,’ I respond, and he feeds me a bit of his blackcurrant toast.

Being fed like this makes me feel like a beloved princess. It further cements our D/s dynamic.

After a run in with subdrop after a recent session, we have done some research about how we can avoid this. Eating carbs beforehand can and has helped, and we were inspired by reading about another submissive being fed by her Dom:

bdsm feeding ritual

This is our kink. This is fun. We both love rituals and this is one we have added to our kinky playbook.

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