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Into the woods

Today James and I went for a woodsy walk with the specific intent of fucking in said woods. Despite much effort, we didn’t quite accomplish this but several other interesting things did happen.

One of the many wonderful things about being with James is that I do things I’ve either never done before but find I love doing, and I do things I love doing but never get to do. Walking in the woods is one of these things. I haven’t done this for over 10 years, and it was such a pleasure.

Although we didn’t fuck, we did make regular stops for cock sucking. We’d find a quiet place, he would give a quick look round, get his cock out and give me a downward nod. The nod says, ‘do your job‘ and, ‘you know your place‘ and it melts me entirely. For me, the nod is the epitome of D/s heaven.

James and I are big on him marking me. At some point in the walk he pulled my coat and jumper aside and bit my shoulder so hard that tears came to my eyes. Today there is a marvellous set of teeth marks there.*

We walked and stopped and walked and stopped for a few hours. The sun began to go down and the temperature was dropping. I commented that neither of us had any clue how we’d got there and so it might be some time getting back, as we’d have to look at a map on one of our phones. James said, ‘it’s that way,’ (pointing in that direction).

And he was right. We went that way and within 15 minutes we were back at our cars. Such is the magic of James. He just knows.

Once inside his car, I provided more cock sucking and then received a good, solid paddling.

Just two kinky people on a typical Sunday afternoon…

February Photofest






* This morning while doing the school run, my bra strap slid down to just rest on that spot and I was blissfully reminded of that delicious pain with every turn of the wheel.

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