And then there was Stewart

Stewart was the third man I met (in person) from Swinging Heaven. We began communicating within a day or two of my joining the site. Polite and sexy, I connected with him instantly. There was something tangibly different about him. We chatted easily, as though we’d known each other for some time. I felt safe with him and was comfortable setting a date for a hotel meet quite quickly – about a week after we began chatting.

Even though I had only seen a somewhat inconclusive picture of Stewart’s face I was still intensely attracted to him. We have a lot in common personality-wise and bonded early and easily, which added to his appeal. Although this was my third SH ‘date’ it felt like the first ‘real’ meet. I knew instinctively this would be an excellent fuck from the way we’d spoken to each other leading up to the meet.

Stewart was in the bar. When I walked in, he stood up and I had my first good look at him. Now, I have to tell you I have known a lot of men in my time. Never has a man had quite the effect on me that Stewart did. Even seeing him from across the room was like being pushed against a wall and kissed hard. I don’t know how I was still standing after that first look!

He took my hand and lead me up to the room he had booked. It was an old hotel, a charming country sort of place, with worn decor to match. Once in the room Stewart took my face in his hands and kissed me. Much like first looking at him, this first kiss was electric, it went through me and to my toes.

Stewart said, “I am going to go and have a cigarette. Get undressed and put your hands on the desk.” I followed these orders and when he came back he gave me a solid spanking.

He got undressed and I sucked his cock. Despite its size, it fit perfectly in my mouth. We fucked, which was amazing, and again a perfect fit.

I hadn’t eaten and by this point was starving. I asked Stewart if he would please get me some crisps from the bar when next he went for a cigarette. It transpired that he had bought food to eat after I’d gone. Thus we had our first ever bed picnic, a tradition that would stick. Not posh food but good sustenance for fuck-hungry people, we shared a pasty, scotch eggs, crisps and coleslaw (quite a delicacy, I might add) finished off by chocolate Hob Nob flapjacks. We talked. We laughed. For both of us this was a totally unexpected turn of events but beautiful, too.

We fucked again. It was so hot but so easy. The passion between us was fiery but not crazy. This was new for me.

When it was time for me to go back to my real life, Stewart walked me back to my car. I felt a bit like the dumpy schoolgirl that’s just been fucked by the captain of the football team – like I’d punched well above my (considerable) weight here and that this was a one-off.

The next morning I met him again. We fucked and then went out for breakfast and coffee. We talked and laughed as easily as we’d fucked. It was so comfortable. I still felt that this was the beginning and the end all in one. Fortunately I was wrong, and we’ve gone on to fuck a great many more times, and explore incredible new things together.

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