Ally, part 2

After the Ally debacle, I felt bad. I knew that it was me and not her. My stuff.  I kept thinking about her and what could have been. I new I’d hurt her feelings by not being enthusiastic, and I wanted to make this right, too.

We made a plan to meet just the two of us, with no pressure for anything to happen. It took some time to organise this, and by the time this meet did happen, we’d agreed that Stew would join us after an hour or so.

This session was entirely different from the previous one. I was relaxed and at ease, as was Ally. We quickly got naked and started to explore and play with each other. Ally has lovely tits and sucking her nipples was hot. I went down on her and she went down on me. She gave me an incredible orgasm by fucking me with her fingers and using this fantastic g-spot vibrator (I have two of them now, just in case I lose one – I don’t think I could live without it). I brought her off with same, and a huge dildo.

By the time Stewart turned up we’d both cum. He joined us and we fucked. I ended up between Stew and Ally and came again.

Again I had to leave at a certain time, and again Stewart stayed on. However this time I was fine with it, though I am not sure why.

A happy ending!

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