Ally, part 1

Stewart and I are keen to have threesomes with women. We’d love to find a girl we can please, that we both find hot. Ally was our first try at this.

We decided to meet Ally at a cafe first, before going on to her house for the sex thing. I was early, shortly followed by Ally. Stewart was late, which gave Ally and I a chance to talk. We just chatted about life and food. No great sparks but it was early days. Stew had had much more contact with Ally in the week leading up to our meet, so the situation was eased when he turned up.

After a short time, we decided to go on to Ally’s place. Ally has an enormous collection of sex toys, dildos, bondage gear and lubricants. We spent some time looking through the toy drawers. Then we all got more or less naked.

This meet provided a few substantial ‘firsts’. It was my first time fully with a woman (I had kissed and played with tits before this but never actually been naked in a bed with a woman). It was my first threesome. It was the first time I had seen Stewart with another woman. And this was really, really hard.

I don’t know what happened to me that day. I just froze. I couldn’t get into it. It felt there had been huge buildup to this day and there was a lot of pressure to perform. I went through the motions of kissing, sucking nipples, licking clit, etc., but I wasn’t into it. Stewart fucked me – always excellent. But then he fucked her. As much as it was hot to make eye contact during this, and also when Ally sucked his cock, it was hard, too.

I had a limited time to spend at Ally’s due to family commitments. When I left, Stew was still naked and was staying on. This felt absolutely terrible. I left shaken and upset.

I had to get home via side roads as the motorway was shut. In doing so I went the wrong way and when I turned around managed to back my car into a fence, doing a fair amount of damage.

Stewart sent me a message asking if I had got home. I replied I had. It was about an hour before he checked his messages again.

Worst. Meet. Ever. Even worse than the Cucumber Man.

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