I’m Karin, a woman on a sexual mission – a so-called ‘middle aged’, professional who wants to prove that sex does not end in your thirties, or when you get a bit fat, or marry the wrong  person.

My journey began in July 2017 when I began to embrace my true submissive self. I joined a swinging website and met incredible (and not so incredible) people. I found the liberation provided by the swinging lifestyle and my own sexual exploration to be life changing. I have found peace and confidence through BDSM and kink.

I am not a supermodel. I’m not fit and I’m not even very cool. I am the woman in Sainsbury’s, the post office. Your co-worker. Perhaps even your spouse.

You need to know that you can do this, too – have a blissful, sexually fulfilled life. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how old you are – if you are a sexually driven person, you need to pursue this – especially if your current situation does not allow you to be who you really are.

This site was created to share my stories, thoughts and experiences. What went wrong, what went right – so that you can learn from my fun and my mistakes. It also provides a voyeur’s view into the different D/s relationship I enjoy.

I chose ‘The Swing Shift’ because of how this lifestyle has shifted and shaken me as a person. Non-monogamy and swinging bring up big emotions and force  me to work through things I have never faced before. However, it is all for the better, and although it is a huge learning curve it is also a fast-track to joy and personal contentedness.

Please spend some time with me. Read my posts, find us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Get in touch with any questions. I aim to give as complete an insight into my sexual world as possible.