black bra blowjob


No time today. Have appointment to get to.

Stewart and I have a lot of hot sex but today is exceptional.

Running upstairs clothes off. As ever, my mouth finds his cock first and I fuck him with mouth throat tongue. A bit aggressive for a sub but I need him. I stop and roll onto my back and he fucks my pussy fast and hard. He pulls out and turns me over so I am on my knees. He is standing and takes me from behind. Fucking. Banging. Me. Then his cock is back in my mouth and I’m sucking the taste of my pussy off him. I take his balls into my mouth and suck and pull. I start to wank him. I want a face load so I get down onto the floor on my knees. I alternate sucking and wanking until I know it’s time and I assume the position, face under head. He cums, it is glorious. I suck the last surge from his cock. We lie panting, spent.

All of this happens over about 6 minutes, if that. Needs must.

FFS, we didn’t even eat. It was that weird sort of day.

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