Stew and I fuck on Wednesdays. It’s what we do. We fuck and then we eat.

Today was an unusual day as there’s tension between us. Over something I did. Something I regret deeply. We need to fuck to work the tension out, or some of it anyway.

I arrive and we have our usual social time with Stew’s housemate. Coffee and cigarettes, chat chat. Then we go upstairs to bed.

I cannot get at his cock fast enough. It is my comfort zone, my natural habitat – on my knees with Stewart’s cock in my mouth. It just fits (I have a very big mouth). I have sucked this cock more than I have sucked any other in the history of my sucking cock. I know this cock and I love it.

I am sucking, head, head, head, shaft, shaft, deep throat, just about gag, deep throat. God, it’s so good. Stewart puts his hands on either side of my head to hold it still and then fucks my mouth, thrusting his hips upward. This is so hot I moan and pant. My eyes and mouth water. I give him total control.

After a while, I stop sucking and ask, ‘what do you want, Sir?’

‘I want to fuck your ass,’ says Stewart. Music to my ears, as what I need today is an aggressive reclamation.

I assume the position on the bed, on all fours, ass up. Stewart stands behind me and pours lube over my asshole. Slides fingers in and out. He then pushes his cock fully into my ass; the pain is perfect. He fucks me hard and I take it. I move in opposition to him so that we are literally banging. He spanks me. He runs his fingernails down my back, hard.

‘Please Sir, may I cum?’ I ask.

‘You may,’ is the reply.

I reach down to rub my clit but it’s too much and I stop.

Suddenly Stewart pulls out lies down next to me. I immediately take his cock back into my mouth. I stop and he starts to wank. I have brought my new vibrator with me and I press the tip to the base of Stew’s head. I move it up and down his cock, and push it against his perineum. We alternate: sucking, wanking, sucking, wanking, vib moving over cock and balls.

I know he’s close to cumming when he uses his whole hand on the full length of his cock, and he’s there now. I slide off the bed and onto the floor, on my knees. Stew stands above me, wanking hard. The first cum spurt runs down his head. I open my mouth to take the rest and Stew cums like a fountain over my face. Cum runs into my hair, my eyes, my mouth. It is delicious.

I look up at him, to show what I’ve taken. ‘Good girl,’ he says, and this is when I burst into tears. Good girl. I only ever want to be this man’s good girl. Never again his careless girl, or his dishonest girl. I sob. He comforts me, wipes my face with a flannel. I recover, for now.*

Stewart is a generous lover. I haven’t cum yet and it’s now my turn. A usual Wednesday activity is a live cam session on Swinging Heaven with Stew fucking my pussy with one dildo or another, or just his fingers, in attempt to fist me (nearly there). Today he fucks me with the new vib and I cum like a train.

And then, as usual, I make coffee and we eat. This week it’s toast and butter, salami and cheese. Pickled beetroot. Mugs of soup. While we eat, I have a chatroom conversation with the female half of a couple we hope to play with. We talk, laugh about something.

Stewart and I still aren’t right, but we are better. Better for fucking, for laughing together. This lifestyle is amazing, but full of hard lessons and difficult self-discovery. I still have my travelling companion; I’m so glad he’s kept me.


* Yes, I know this isn’t very sexy but it’s part of our story, so important to share.

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