There is no plan for today, no pre-discussion or expectation. I am wobbly and emotional today; one of us always seems to be.

Stewart is already naked when I come into the bedroom. I quickly undress and slide into bed with him. We kiss and he flutters his tongue against mine. This is like the power switch for me; Stew’s kiss brings my body to life.

I love Stew’s body. I have memorised it. I would know this man anywhere. I know his walk, his expressions. The way he lights a cigarette. Even though we have known each other such a short time I know how to please him, more than I have any other man.

Today I just want to care for this man. Over these past few months I have fallen so deeply in love. There is no way to express this fully, and on top of this the sheer animal lust I feel. I can only try to show my affection through touch.

I kneel between his legs and take his cock into my mouth. I suck his head, and run my tongue round it slowly. There is no urgency here, only pleasure and sensation. Stew puts his hands on the back of my head, which he knows I love. I continue to suck, alternating deep strokes with focused attention on his head.

I stop and liberally lube his cock and begin a slow and luxurious handjob. Stewart’s fat cock slides between my hands. I grip the base with one hand and swirl my other hand round his head. I make an O with my fingers and wank just the head.

I go back to sucking, increasing speed and force. So delicious.

I stop and Stewart wanks himself for a few minutes. I love watching him fuck himself, it is intensely hot. I watch his hand pump hard, there’s just something incredibly masculine and ‘Dom’ about this. He points his cock in my direction in invitation and I take it back into my mouth.

‘I need to swallow you,’ I say between strokes. We alternate my sucking with his wanking until his body is shaking and I know it’s time. I give the final few pumps and he cums in my mouth. I savour this, let the spunk roll round my tongue before swallowing.

I lie back onto the bed, and Stew selects his toys of choice from our (small) collection – a lovely glass dildo and a smaller vibrator. He slides the dildo into my wet pussy and rubs it gently but firmly against my g-spot, with the vib against my clit. I cum within minutes and push through my usual hypersensitivity to allow for a second orgasm.

Stew fucks me hard with the dildo and teases my clit with the vib and his tongue. I cum again and we lie quietly together.

Despite the calm that orgasm brings, I am still unsettled.

‘I need a beating, Sir,’ I say. He asks if I am sure and I say yes.

I lie face in the middle of the bed and he paddles my ass. After each strike he gently rubs his hand over where the paddle has hit. The combination of pain followed by instant soothing is a panacea.

‘Do my back, please,’ I whisper, and he does, again stopping after each harsh bite of the paddle to rub and soothe.

After the beating – because of the beating – I feel clean and new. Less wobbly, more centred.

Then as usual, we have lunch – as spare and simple as the morning has been.

post sex lunch sandwiches

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