glass cock dildo oral sex head


I love glass dildos and this is my absolute favourite. So heavy, so big.  

crop cane scratch bite marks on woman's back

Beat the devil out

My default state in life is ‘mildly depressed’; I have to fight against tipping into the void. I am also autistic, and require huge sensory input in order to regulate energy and emotions. I have ADD as well, and so my brain is often home to chaos. These ingredients make […]

bdsm pinwheel pain back

The Kinktionary interview

Recently, the Kinktionary Project asked James (aka Daddy) and I to talk about our relationship for their Testify series. I loved taking part in this and talking about our D/s lifestyle! Click on the logo to read the interview:  

hose water sports pissing shower

Taking the piss

I see my Daddy most Saturdays. This is our main time we spend together each week. I give him head. We fuck – a lot. I get a good beating and lush aftercare. Generally there is some cooking and/or eating, and drinking of tea. Our Saturday time together ends with […]

kitten and daddy feeding toast ritual

Feed me

It’s 7am on a Saturday morning, and it’s been snowing for a few days. Daddy has put pieces of pear and bread outside for the birds. I kneel on the floor next to the sofa, where Daddy sits, and we watch the birds hop around and enjoy the unexpected feast. I […]

crop cane scratch bite marks on woman's back


There is something primal between my Daddy and me. Animal. Needy and greedy. He needs to mark me and I need to be marked. My skin is a blank canvas for teeth, fingernails digging in and scratching, the crop and the cane. The welts and bruises left tide me over […]

painted fingernails fingers twisting nipple hard


There is nothing that turns me on more quickly than having my nipples played with. Sometimes I just have to do it myself…

hotel room pegging dominatrix anal sex

You asked for it

This is a little fictional story I wrote based on a conversation I ‘overheard’ on Twitter… I arrive at the hotel first. This pleases me as it confirms my role as the dominant person here, the gracious host. You are a man of excellent taste and you have chosen well […]

forest leaves woods outdoor sex dogging

Into the woods

Today James and I went for a woodsy walk with the specific intent of fucking in said woods. Despite much effort, we didn’t quite accomplish this but several other interesting things did happen. One of the many wonderful things about being with James is that I do things I’ve either […]

bdsm therapist two chairs

The therapist

I have decided to see a therapist to work out – something. I don’t know what I need to work out exactly. I hope the therapist will help me work out what it is I need to work out. I wonder how I should start the first session… ‘Seven months […]

glass dildo masturbation

To the hilt

I love glass dildos and this large glass cock is my favourite. It is very heavy and when I push it in all the way just like this it rocks against my a-spot and gives me the most intense orgasms.

Dr Martens slip on black motorcycle silver buckle sexy boots


I love these boots. I like DMs and want boots I can live in and wear nearly year-round. I bought them last summer, just before I became a slut. I have worn these boots with every man I have fucked since buying them, and every one of those men has […]