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The story so far

Hello, dear reader. If you are joining this semi-live broadcast of my sex life, I thought you might appreciate a quick overview of WTF is going on and how I got here.   Before July 2017, I was living a comfortable, vanilla, married life. I had always known I was […]

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The artful doggers

Due to our circumstances, James and I often find ourselves fucking in the (surprisingly spacious) back seat of his car. This inadvertent dogging is both hot and cold, given the season. We have become quite adept at finding the right positions, hiding from headlights and ensuring one or both of […]

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Kinky mother

I was in a professional meeting a few weeks ago, and another person in the meeting was talking about someone who wasn’t there, who has the same job as me. ‘She is rubbish at her job,’ they said. ‘And anyway, she’s a swinger.’ Wow. A swinger! Ironically, the only way […]


The intruder

I pull in the driveway and notice the lights are out – unusual. I think you must have gone out. I unlock and open the door and as I step in and reach for the lightswitch a hand closes forcefully around my wrist. I’m pulled forward into the house. The […]

whisper secret bdsm kink disclosure


Many of us who have found a home (spiritual, physical, emotional, social…) in kink and BDSM always knew we were a bit different. From early sexual experiences we knew we liked it a bit rough, or wanted to be dominated, or to pin down our sexual partners during sex. Most […]

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How did I get here?

When I was 16 my first ever real boyfriend broke up with me. Steven and I had only been together for six months but the split was cataclysmic. Steven gave me his undivided attention, and was the first person in my life to love me unconditionally. Everything I did was […]

collared bdsm submissive

A tale of two collars

In all my years of love and sex I have never found myself caught between the affections of two men until the Battle of The Doms began between Stew and James. Stewart was my Owner (and technically is and always will be my registered Owner*) and James, at the time, […]

dying daisy

Unethical non-monogamy

I fell face first into the kink and alternative relationship world, full-immersion baptism-style. Never one for half-measures, I went from a pure vanilla life to owned sex slave within a few hours of learning such a thing was even possible. And then Stewart turned up and all of that happened. […]

kitten in a bowl

The day I became a kitten

I have always been too much or not enough – often at the same time – for the men I’ve had relationships with. Too emotional, too needy, to blunt, too honest, too scatty, too friendly. Not sub enough, not willing enough, not open minded enough, not self-sacrificing enough, not mentally […]

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This is a very complicated story, so bear with me while I unpick it for you. For a time when I was with Stewart, it was agreed that I could meet single men on my own as long as it was for one-off or very occasional NSA sex. I had […]

alone in bed compersion

I are not compersion

We had both been chatting to Jennifer for a few months before we finally met her. We joked that she was our ‘unicorn‘ as she was a single bi-curious woman who wanted to play with us. I hadn’t had a huge connection with Jennifer but she seemed nice. I’d seen […]

sex club anxiety

Sex club 3 of 3

Yes I know this is crazy but we did indeed go to the sex club a third time, even after the first and second times were so stressful and uncomfortable. Before we went, Stew and I talked at length about this night. We have agreed we will stay together (even […]